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            Darul-Quba Cultural Center is located in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis. It empowers Somali families and elders by providing education, services, and community events that bring cultural and religious values to the families we serve. However, Darul-Quba’s current facility needs redevelopment to continue serving the community and finalize the purchase agreement. We are asking for a support letter from all our local elected officials that know of the Darul-Quba Cultural Center and its contribution to the community. 


          Our building has its share of damages caused by covid shutdown, weather damage, the George Floyd protest, and the Cedar Encampment next to the rail station at Darul-Quba. Cedar encampment brought more issues, such as drugs, vandalism, and violence, that even cause the life of Adnan Ali, the nephew of our community member. Damage on top of other damages to the exterior of the building shows what our community went through as violence and riots took place. Inside the facility, there is a Masjid for our community to pray and feel at peace and welcome. We cannot continue most of our programs now due to repairs on the facility that is taking longer than expected.  

          We need to come together and combine resources to meet the scale of our challenges and work on systems to be inclusive. Darul-Quba will continue its effort in negotiating the purchase of the facility and taking steps to work with the city of Minneapolis and other partners on a community redevelopment project. The community members are our leading supporters and are engaged in any effort on facility purchase and redevelopment, so our programs can continue to serve their families. We need the support of our local elected officials that know the concerns of our community to stand along with us in solving these matters. Please contact us for any help you could demonstrate and email us a Support Letter.




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