Fiqh is concerned with the knowledge of the detailed rules of Islamic law in its various branches. The Fiqh source is based on revelation (waxhy) that are clearly expressed in the Quran and the ahadiths,

That is both this world and the hereafter.

some of the Fiqh parts are:  

  • Beliefs (Aqeedah)

  • Mu'Malatul

  1. Mu'Amalatul Khaliq (Acts of worship (ibadat))

  • Dhahara

  1. Salat

  2. Soom Ramadan

  3. Hajj

  4. Zakat

  • Mu'Amulat ul MakhluqCivil and social transactions (Mu'amalat)

  1. Beec (Sales)

  2. Nikac (Engagements & Marriage)

  3. Dhaxal (Heritage)

  4. Incidents among people (Xudud and Janaayo)

  • Ethics (Akhlaq)

  • and so on...



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