Board of Directors









Nur Samatar


Mr. Nur has engaged and dedicated himself to serve the community. Mr. Nur used his time and personality to bring the people together to work for the greater good of the community. Briefly, he did many valuable programs that nowadays continue to bear fruit.


Vice President 

Ibrahim Abdullahi


Mr. Abdullahi was one of the first youth that volunteered for Darul-Quba. Mr. Abdullahi is passionate about youth and community involvement. He served as Darul-Quba youth program advisor for six years. He received his bachelor's degree in finance at Metropolitan State University. Mr. Abdullahi was a former board member of Minnesota Somali Student Union. He still is currently work with our youth program and bring real results. 








Ali Jama


Mr. Jama is currently the treasurer of Darul-Quba. He has extensive knowledge in acquisition planning, financial tracking, and project execution. He has over 10 years of work experience in this field. 

Religious Leader: Imam Sheikh Nur . 



Sahro Ali 

Sahro Ali is one of the founders of Darul-Quba. Ms first started an outreach program managed to help woman in her community. Many woman admire her advice, guidance, and support in the community. She understood the needs of Somali and Oromo community settling in Minnesota and choosing Minneapolis as their community. Her vision came in light with the help of many woman in the community, to open a community center that welcomes every one and help them, specially single mothers that fleet war in Somali, young adults that are facing cultural shook, elders that need place of worship and others in Ceder-Riverside community.  

Dr. Isse   

Mr. Isse is one of the founders of Darul-Quba, he also established the first Somali-American charter School in Minnesota specifically for English Second Language (ESL) students. Additionally, he work as teacher at Minnesota public schools early in his career. Also he serves as the Chair of the Education Committee.


In the beloved Memory of Dr Abshir Isse.