Board of Directors









 Nur Samatar | Chairman

 Mr. Nur has engaged and dedicated himself to serve  the  community and  charitable  work  by  using his knowledge, and his simplest way of  understandings.  Briefly, he did many valuable programs that nowadays continue to bear fruit.


Dr. Isse  | Vice Chairman
Mr. Isse is one of the original founders of Darul-Quba, established the first Quran School, and he has taught Fiqh and Seerah in the Somali language. Additionally, he is a teacher at Minnesota public schools. Also he serves as the Chair of the Education Committee.


Ali Jama 







Mr. Jama is currently the treasurer of Darul-Quba. Professionally, he has knowledge in acquisition planning, financial tracking and project execution. He has over 10 years of working experience in this field.

Religious Leader Imam Osman Ali. 







We are all stand behind Imam  Sheikh Osman. 



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